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Ship Wreks

The "Baron Gautsch" was a passenger ship of the Austrian Lloyd, which carried passengers from 1908 to 1914 Dalmatia to Trieste and other ports on the northern Adriatic coast. Wreck Diving Position (Distance - 20 Nm , Depth - 28-40 m)

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Top 10 Scuba Diving Spot

The water here is incredibly clear making for fantastic scuba diving spots and more and more people are travelling to the area purely to go scuba diving. Take a look at 10 of the best scuba diving spots in Croatia.

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Kvarner's coral reef

Kvarner's underwater world is known for amazing wall dives and beautiful gorgonian coral reefs. The craggy coastline and relatively shallow water with a muddy bottom can result in poor visibility, but the underwater world's variety of plants and animal makes this garden extremely rich.

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