Istria is best known about Olive oil


"It uses for the different foods since ancient times. Oliva manufactories preparing oil work on Istria western coastline, around these outstanding Brijuni islands, Barbariga, Porev, Cervar in Porat city working.
Some of these: Al Torico (Novigrad), Balija Fam (Fazana), Basiaco Franco (Buje), Oleab (Rabac)“


Ciavalon located in Vodnjan. The owner has been running the farm for some years, following his family tradition. Today there are 22 hectares of specialized olive grove.Extra Virgin selection Ex Albis, which is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues. It would be ideal on octopus appetizers, spinach salads, marinated tuna, barbecued radicchio, artichoke purée, pasta with meat sauce, blue fish au gratin, roast red meat or game, medium mature cheese.
Basiaco Franco

Basiaco Franco

As usual the farm Basiaco in Buje has proposed a high class production. Founded in 1996 by Franco Basiaco, the farm has a surface of 23 hectares, over 6 of which devoted to specialized olive grove with 1,900 trees of both autochthonous and imported varieties. It would be ideal on tuna appetizers, bruschette with tomatoes, octopus salads, barbecued radicchio, artichoke purée, pasta with sausages, blue fish au gratin, pan-seared red meat or game, hard mature cheese.


Family Balija run with constant care and passion their oil farm in Fazana, an ancient fishing village surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.There are over 2 hectares of specialized olive grove with 500 trees. It would be ideal on lentil appetizers, bruschette with tomatoes, artichoke salads, marinated chicken, asparagus soups, pasta with meat sauce, blue fish au gratin, pan-seared poultry or lamb, medium mature cheese.

Olive is the symbol of the Mediterranean countries, the climate is perfect for the cultivation of olives. Virgin Olive oil: excellent in taste. Pure olive oil:blended with virgin olive oil. Olive pomace oil: it is refind olive oil, generally used in restaurant. The best olive oil comes from Istria. It could be compared to wine tasting because oils differ from each other in various ways.Many producers setting up tasting room to indtoduce their olive oils to the visitors.

Olive Manufactures

  • - Meloto -

    - Meloto -

    The award for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal - Medium Fruity.Located in Vodjan.
  • - Ipsa -

    - Ipsa -

    Their olive oil made from the varieties Bjelica and Frantoia was the first Croatian olive oil to be included in the Italian guide of best olive oils.
  • - Meneghetti -

    - Meneghetti -

    Olive oils produced on the Meneghetti estate represent supreme products of olive-growing industry, embodying at the same time both pleasure and health. They offer a triumph of aroma and taste, while strong impressions they leave put them on equal terms with great wines.
  • - Negri William -

    - Negri William -

    Their farm is situated in Brgod, in the municipality of Raša, along the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula. Here they follow a noble family tradition and since 2001 have been running over 1 hectare of specialized olive grove with 460 trees.

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